Who We Are

Child abuse and neglect is an epidemic that cripples a child’s ability to dream and fulfill their potential. Rainbow House recognizes that it is the responsibility of every individual and community as a whole to say, “ENOUGH!” and prevent child maltreatment.

Rainbow House Child

                                 There is always a moment in childhood

when the door opens and lets the future in.
                                                            —Graham Greene, The Power and the Glory

Rainbow House will be that door, allowing children to have the opportunity for a bright future regardless of the hurtful experience they’ve had to endure. The mission of Rainbow House is to keep children safe and to support families in crisis through prevention, assessment and intervention in child abuse and neglect.

Rainbow House will maximize our visibility, accessibility, expertise and commitment to quality care of children. Together with our community partners, we will be the catalyst for change, forever reducing the impact of child maltreatment on children, families and communities and we will strive to be a major child abuse and neglect resource in Mid-Missouri.

The Rainbow House Children’s Emergency Shelter temporarily houses children who are in foster care; and assists parents who request placement for their children during a family crisis. The Rainbow House Regional Child Advocacy Center (CAC) provides forensic interviewing, advocacy and therapy for children who have been sexually abused and/or severely physically abused. The Rainbow House Homeless Youth Program provides housing and services for homeless youth in an off-site facility called "Sol House," who are interested in making a meaningful and productive transition into adulthood.