Volunteer of the Month

Megan Jones is ourVolunteer of the Month!

In just five weeks, Megan Jones donated 200 hours of her time in our Children’s Emergency Shelter!  During this time, our house parents were overwhelmed with a shelter full of young children.  They felt so lucky to have Megan there to help.

Our Shelter Therapist, Camille, commended Megan for her ability to stay calm when the house was so chaotic.  “She has such a gentle presence to her.  We really appreciate all of her hard work and dedication.  She will always be apart of the Rainbow House family!”

Our evening House Parent, Tina, was also very grateful to have Megan helping during her shift.  “Megan is such a blessing to us.  She has a sweet nature to her and she is willing to help wherever it is needed with no complaints.”

Not only was the staff impressed by Megan’s willingness to help, but the children appreciated having her around as well.  Megan could be counted on and they felt safe opening up to her.  One of our residents even wrote this song for her:

“Doo Bee Doo Doo Bee Doo

We’re a little high strung.

It’s just because we’re young.

Man, we adore ya.

And we’ll do anything for ya.

With all our silly crazy antics.

When all the house parents are frantic.

When we’re bouncin’ off the walls.

You’re the one who stays calm.

Thanks for all you do.

You know that we love you. “

Thank you Megan for all that you do!  We truly appreciate all the time you have donated to the kids in our shelter, and we know they have loved having you there as well.