About The Shelter

Since 2002, the Children’s Emergency Shelter has been located on Towne Drive. It can house up to 14 children at a time, ages birth to 18. The Shelter is staffed by full and part time house parents.

Where is the Shelter located?
We are located in Columbia, Missouri on 1611 Towne Drive.

How many children do you serve at the Shelter? 
We have a facility very similar to a regular home with bedrooms, a play room, a kitchen, toy rooms, a laundry room and many other amenities that can house up to 14 children at a time. We serve more than 200 children in our Shelter annually.

How old are the children?
Rainbow House children ages range from birth to 18 years old. Because of this, siblings can stay together while at the Shelter.

How long do the children stay at the Shelter? 
Children in the custody of Children’s Division typically stay for 30 days.  The older children generally stay longer because it is more difficult to find foster care placements.  Children staying at the shelter for Crisis Care stay only a few days depending on the nature of the family crisis.

Where do they go if you have no place for them? 
The caseworker with Missouri Children’s Division must find placement for them elsewhere. Many times temporary foster parents are able to shelter the children.  

Where do the children go when they leave the Shelter? 
Most children are placed in foster homes. Some need more therapeutic environments and are placed in residential treatment centers. 99% of Crisis Care children return to their home.  Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Do the children ever return to the Shelter? 
Yes. Some return because foster home placements fail.  Some return because efforts to reunify the children with their families fail.  It is not uncommon to serve the same child more than once over a period of months or years.

What are the types of abuse that you see most often? 
Roughly 60% of the children are admitted because of neglect, however, many of these will have more than one reason for admission and often other types of abuse are discovered once a child begins to feel safe.  The next largest is abuse which includes emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

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Do the children go to school? 
Yes. If the child was going to school within Columbia Public Schools district, then they will be able to continue attending their own school unless it is dangerous for them to do so and therefore maintain the continuity of their teachers and friends.  If he or she comes from another district then they will be enrolled in a nearby school. 

How is the Shelter funded? 

2013 Funding Sources
Federal 16%
State & Local Government  26%
Community Donations & Special Events  45%
United Way 12%
Fee for Service  1%