Clinical Services

While residing in the shelter, each child is assessed by a mental health professional to evaluate developmental milestones, current functioning, and background information. Following the initial assessment, children are provided weekly therapy to help deal with the stress of being away from loved ones as well as to address any mood changes or behavioral concerns. If needed, children will be referred to outside agencies that may focus on more serious mental health issues. After a child is discharged from the shelter, they may continue to meet with the Shelter Clinical Coordinator for a short period of time until they either terminate treatment or are referred to an outside therapist for long term support. Treatment services include individual, family, or group therapy and involve the following modalities: play, cognitive, and behavioral therapy.

Additional therapy services are available including the Crisis Care Family Support Program. This is a support service provided to shelter children and families and continues our involvement after discharge.  Follow-up support services can be instrumental in preventing future family crisis, involvement with the child welfare system, abuse and the factors that contribute to abuse.