How do children come to use Rainbow House services?

Child swinging

The children who reside at our shelter come from families that are in crisis. The nature of the crisis and degree of severity varies from child to child. Children are referred to our shelter in two ways. 

One, a child needs to be removed from their current living situation and made a ward of the court.  A children’s division worker would then seek out our shelter as an emergency placement for that child while he or she works to determine the safest place for the child.

Two, a family faces intense stress due to some sort of an emergency and has little to no support.  A parent can seek respite care for their children for up to 30 days while he and/or she sort out their crisis.  The staff will assist the parents to become whole and healthy so that their family can be.  No Children’s Division case worker is involved unless the staff members have reason to believe that abuse has taken place.