The Forensic Interview

Once a report has been made to the child abuse and neglect hotline, an investigation ensues by a Children’s Division investigator, law enforcement officer, and/or a juvenile officer. One of these multi-disciplinary team members will then call the Child Advocacy Center to schedule a forensic interview and/or a SAFE exam. 


The children are brought to the CAC by their non-offending care giver or, in cases where protective custody has been taken, by the law enforcement or Children’s Division personnel. The goal of the advocacy center is to make these kids as safe and comfortable as possible while allowing the multi-disciplinary investigators to gather the facts regarding their abuse.

The forensic interview is another part of the team effort. The CAC’s forensic interviewers conduct interviews of alleged victims of child sexual abuse to obtain accurate and reliable information. This information is video and audio taped and used in making child protection, criminal offense, therapeutic and intervention decisions.