Therapy Services

Rainbow House provides therapy to children through the Children's Emergency Shelter and Regional Child Advocacy Center.

The Emergency Children's Shelter offers therapy and resource assistance both while the child is in residence and after they leave our doorstep.

The CAC provides therapy services and referalls to children and families post-forensic interview. Outpatient therapy for victims of sexual abuse (who have not had interviews at the CAC) is available on a limited and short-term basis for both individuals and families. Therapy is focused on abuse and trauma and can include court preparation support when needed. Play therapy and other approaches are used to assist a child or family in managing the disruption, and pain associated with sexual abuse. We also assist families in connecting with other qualified therapists for long-term and out-of-county counseling needs.

For more information about therapy services at Rainbow House, please call Kelsey Louder at 573.474.6600 x3203