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Rainbow House is your number one source of information on child abuse and neglect in Mid-Missouri.

We will educate children, families and our communities, raising awareness of abuse and neglect issues and garner broad-based support for effective and sustainable prevention programs.

Through active partnerships with our clients and our communities we will empower children and families by providing comprehensive assessments, therapeutic intervention, mutual support, advocacy and quality child care.

Assessment and Research
We will continually assess and research the needs of children, families, caregivers and service providers, within our communities and translate the findings into a common vision for action.  We will share our expertise to assist legislators and community leaders in making the most informed decisions in the area of child protection.

Support and Advocacy
We will provide on-going support and advocacy to children and families in meeting their needs, learning new skills, healing from trauma, and moving forward into the future.  Our dedication to the needs of our clients extends beyond the walls of our home and into theirs.  We will provide outreach services in a confidential, sensitive and responsive manner, assuring accessibility for all.

In addition, Rainbow House provides a resource lending library for parents and professionals that includes books and videos on an array of topics in the area of child maltreatment including child development, parenting, safety, abuse and neglect, child sexual abuse and adult survivors, children with sexual behavior problems and other behavioral issues, investigation of child abuse, forensic interviewing of sexually abused children, trauma and healing, healthy sexuality education and other topics.

Our Education and outreach department includes:

  • Resource lending library for parents and professionals
  • Community education programs
  • Training and in-service sessions on or off site
  • Individually tailored info packets

If you have a need that isn't addressed on this website, please feel free to contact us with more questions at 573 474 6600.