Homeless Youth Program

The Homeless Youth Program , a transitional living program for homeless youth, opened as a service of Rainbow House in November 2007.

The Homeless Youth Program consists of a transitional living program (for youth ages 16-21) and teen emergency shelter (for youth ages 16-18) who are homeless, or at risk for homelessness, due to unfavorable or abusive situations occurring in their current environment.

The transitional living program and teen emergency shelter requires participation in educational or vocational situations and offers supportive services such as counseling, life skills training, mentoring, and linkage to partnering organizations.

In order to qualify for our services, youth need to be homeless or living in an unsafe, unstable living situation and not currently in the foster care system. To be admitted into the Rainbow House Homeless Youth Program, a youth should call 573.814.27970 to begin the admission process. Both facilities are located at an undisclosed location to protect the residents.

Homeless Youth Program

Have you been kicked out of your home?
                                                                                   Feel unsafe where you live?
Are thinking about running away?
                                                                                   We want to help you!

Rainbow House has several options for you including a safe place to stay for up to 21 days, and longer term housing for up to 18 months.

The teen emergency shelter and transitional living program are places for you to “get back on your feet”. Whether you want to graduate from high school or get a good job, we will help you reach your goals.

Call us, anytime day or night, to learn more about our services: 573.814.2797. You can also friend us on Facebook at “Rainbow House”.


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