Mentor Program

Mentor Program

Do you feel as if you have interests, knowledge, compassion and energy to share with another? At Sol House we have a place for you to share your kindness. Our youth, ages 16-21 need mentors to invest wisdom, companionship, and experience into their lives.

RBH Homeless Youth Program, formerly know as Sol House, as a service of Rainbow House, houses and serves homeless youth ages 16-21 years old. We believe that the best way for young people to be successful through their passage to independence is with the guidance of a caring adult.  We would appreciate adults who could mentor a young person as they receive safe and stable housing, educational opportunities, assistance in job preparation; and mental health services, physical health care, life-skill building and interpersonal skill building. The youth are also offered education and counseling to prevent, treat, and reduce substance abuse, domestic violence, & other issues.

Mentors are friends, confidants, advisors, counselors, teachers, and role models who encourage youth to tackle difficult tasks and teach the importance of going for the positive and building on their strengths.

  • Matching process- includes application, background screening, interview, and training.
  • Relationships are goal directed with matching based upon youth’s life goals.
  • Each Mentor is trained and supported.
    • Three-Hour Training includes an in depth look into the Sol House program as well as tools needed to build a successful mentoring relationship.
    • 24-hour staff on site to assist with any questions, concerns and mediation needs. As well as organized socials to encourage mutual mentor/mentee support.
  • We encourage an 18-20 month committed mentoring relationship. Four-hours per month/One hour per week.
    • One on one and occasional group interactions
    • Visits away from Transitional Living Program or on-site.

For more info contact: Mark Kirchhoff |573-474-6600 x3202 or email mkirchhoff@rainbowhousecolumbia.org